Scavenger Hunt Clues

The Shops at North Bridge Scavenger Hunt

  1. Kick-off your scavenger hunt experience at this iconic 4-Level retailer that dominates Michigan Avenue. Here you can find styles from Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Nike, Madewell, Topshop, and more, to accommodate the glitz and glamour of city living. You can even grab a coffee from the E-bar or a pastry from the Café on your way out!
  2. Located on Level 1, this store is the nation’s leading retailer of luxury eyewear! From Chanel to Cartier, you are sure to find everything under-the-sun, when it comes to designer shades. Plus, they are the exclusive distributor of the Morgenthal Frederics’s eyewear line!
  3. This local fan-favorite is sure to capture the hearts of Sichuan-cuisine lovers alike. Located on Level 4, this is the only dining establishment to have its own private elevator to Level Four! Known for both authentic and exotic dishes, this restaurant first opened its doors HERE in Chicago, back in 1998!
  4. Refined leisure collections and self-confident business looks are this retailer’s key area of expertise. With two impressive levels of shopping space and a Michigan Avenue entrance, this brand is known for its lavish collection of tailored menswear and sportswear.
  5. Experience a store that feels like roaming the streets of Monte Carlo. Located on Level 1, this jewelry establishment is family-owned and offers a wide range of luxurious, modern jeweled collections that are sure to be envied by every fashion lover.
  6. This café is worthy of a Greek ____. Head down to the North Bridge District to discover this one-stop café, specializing in good food, fun treats, excellent coffee, and energetic vibes. Be sure to stop in and try their infamous rainbow cake.
  7. This dining establishment is the LARGEST of its entire franchise and offers customers the opportunity to shop, taste, and enjoy the experience of Italian culture. Located in the North Bridge District and exclusive to the Midwest, this retailer has everything from fine dining to a culinary educational center that capture the heart of Italy.
  8. Grab a knife, fork, and “Big _____.” Experience authentic Chinese and Thai cuisine at this dining establishment, located in the North Bridge District. With menu items according to season and dishes ranging from  ginger-soy dumplings to family meals for four, you are sure to find something that suits your fancy!
  9. Located on Level 1, this brand designs custom suits, specializing in bespoke menswear. Hand-tailored in-house, each stich is performed with the most lavish of fabrics. Experience the transformative power of premium formal attire.
  10. They say the key to the heart is through the stomach. We say it’s through our Food Court, located on Level 4. Experience top-notch cuisine from a variety of backgrounds and cultures! Take a selfie with your favorite restaurant in the background!